I have worked on a variety of projects in life, professionally mostly in advertising, though I have interests in programming, nature, reading, exercise, and gardening. I always love learning new things, nothing is better than finding a new hobby to learn.


Space RTS: C#, Android game, just a fun side project to make a small RTS game. Basic bases that generate ships. Move your ships to the next base to generate ships faster. https://github.com/ddxv/rts-2d but currently set to private due to keys.

AdsCrawler: https://github.com/ddxv/adscrawler A Python project to crawl and store iOS and Android Apps and then further crawl their developer pages for app-ads.txt files. The goal is to find patterns in app-ads.txt files for better understanding the advertising ecosystem.

Ads Dash: https://github.com/ddxv/app-ads-dash Python dashboard to view the data collected by AdsCrawler. Feel free to contribute the the dashboard. I am working on hosting a version of it for the public on https://ads.jamesoclaire.com

BackFire: https://github.com/ddxv/backfire-dev Python project from 2016 for backtesting crytpo trading schemes, but quite out of date now.


I’ve worked in gaming since 2013. I got started in Beijing working with Chinese mobile game publishing helping global launches across a half dozen titles. In the past half decade I’ve been growing our own startup that helps empower game developers to automate their advertising campaigns and insights.

I love working with data, databases, machine learning and data visualizations.


Since 2016 I’ve been co-founder and working with Bubbleye to help automate mobile game advertisements. Bubbleye is an industry leader in moving the mobile user acquisition ecosystem towards greater intelligence and automation. We help everyone from small game developers to large game publishers to deliver insights into their data and automate the repetitive actions their team performs so that campaigns are managed 24/7.

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