See which MMPs and Networks Apps and Games are Using

I recently added a free feature to AppGoblin to see which advertising/monetization ad networks and MMP partners apps are using. You can break down the results by category and and group by parent companies.

The data is pulled from the top ~10k Android apps, which I downloaded, de-compiled and examined their AndroidManifest.xml to determine which ad partners they might be using. The list of partners is something I manually created, so if there are any mobile MMPs or ad networks you think are missing, feel free to let me know and I’ll add them in.

My original thesis I wanted to learn about was what percentage of apps use AppsFlyer vs Adjust and the biggest surprise I got was that it was much lower than I expected and Firebase was much much higher than I expected.

Also, I’d love any feedback or questions that popup when people see this. I wouldn’t mind taking this a bit further.